Clausius-key is headquartered in Italy, close to Torino, in an area that through years has been, and continue to be, an icon of excellence, in many fields, such as automotive, information technology, machinery, fashion, filming, food and wine, sports.

In this area people is very conscious to social aspects of life and on how life could be better. This is part of our background, this consciousness resides deep in our heart.

Clausius-key was not ignited by technology or math: the spark comes from the aim of creating something that brings to all the human being the opportunity to live in a better world.

As a Company, Clausius-key sources from an intuition.

An intuition of a man, a scientist who, supported by a group of other men, entrepreneurs of various Countries, built not merely the most advanced equipment that transforms substances into energy, though a brand new approach to Matter and Energy.

So then, here at Clausius-key, as a team of people, we work for other people.

And here, we are pleased in envisioning that our work will make life more pleasant, cleaner, safer.

We are pleased in striving to guarantee that those that will be will find a hospitable world to live.

Of course, we have a goal: change the world!

Too much?

No, we can really change the world, together.

Be with us! Be part of a better world: the new, clean one.

Note: The name Clausius-key is a tribute to Rudolf Clausius (1822-1888), a German physicist and mathematician, considered one of the central founders of the science of Thermodynamics.